It’s beginning to feel a lot like Fall!

Beautiful October has arrived!
The beginning… to the end…of another year
Nature at its most colorful event fashioning earth’s deepest tones!
All things made a joyous yellow…a deep golden.
Beautiful October! Can you hear the trees rejoicing?
They are singing a special melody for this season.
Rivers, and brooks and streams…they all know that October has arrived!
Flowers sway…dancing in the cool breeze alone their banks.
The birds are singing once again…as if it is a new day in spring.
Hot summer days now retreat until their next season.
Yes, beautiful October is here…putting a smile on the face of the sun by day
And leaving clear moonlit starry skies by night!!  

Excerpt From: Mary J Nunn. “Beautiful Words.” iBooks.

Copyright © 2010 Mary J Nunn    ISBN 978-1-105-66805-0   Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data on file.  All rights reserved.  Registration Number TXu 1-699-129.


This article in Magnolia Journal magazine, published by Joanna Gaines, was a sweet find indeed. I learned quite a lot about how to use pumpkins of every kind for soups, pies, and decor. Shouting in their appearance; Fall is here!

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5 thoughts on “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Fall!

  1. I enjoyed your writing. It put a smile on my face and calm my spirit just reading it. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you so very much for your comment! I have many such writings I will be sharing throughout 2019 on this website and in beautifully illustrated watercolor books for sale as well. I am so excited to finally share my work! Please stay tuned.

  2. Beautiful Jackie, I’m so happy that you have received peace, joy, and happiness. Along with the secret desires of your heart. I often think about the good times we shared. Always remembering the birthdays of you, Omar, and Krystal.
    May the protection, and blessings of the Lord, continue to be upon you!

    An Old Friend,
    Angela Temple

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