Please enjoy this free verse poem from my “Beautiful Words Volume 1” collection. It is in Chapter 1: The Beauty of Celebration.

Beautiful Words

 I am in love with beautiful words!! 

Words that linger in the air… on the lips…and the written pages of a book 

Beautiful whispering words…that tickle the ear…with love and sincerity  

Spoken only to delight my thirsty soul with smiles of joy!

Speak…and sign beautiful words often…one to another

 In each and every tongue known of the human race

Let them be saved in the secret places of thine heart…where their reminiscent

Sounds remain crisp clear…like the toning of cathedral church bells.  

Praise the quintessential beauty of words…letting them heal the spirit 

Comfort the sick. Teach the young. Reinstate confidence.

Let beautiful words tell us what God wishes us to know.

More so…how he continues to love us throughout all ages.

Share your beautiful words with others…just for the promise of pleasure

Pray, all out loud! Sing, all out loud! Write, all out loud!

Forever believe in the strength and power of beautiful words.

Believe that they can…and they will…last for many lifetimes to come!!

Copyright © 2010 Mary J Nunn    ISBN 978-1-105-66805-0   Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data on file.  All rights reserved.  Registration Number TXu 1-699-129.

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