From Beautiful Words Vol 1 Chapter 7: “The Beauty of Knowledge”📚

As a little girl growing up, I have fond memories of clocks.
It seemed as though the stillness of my tiny existence,
Could always be measured by the “tick-tock” I heard from clocks.
My great grandmother Lucy had many clocks in her home!
Whenever I would stay over, I drifted off to the sound of “tick-tock.” 
Since those innocent childhood days, I have learned this;
Life is different everyday…small chances for exact repeats!
So take the time to live life…to its truest colors of yellow.
Life is not always wearing glass slippers. But if you own a pair,
Take the time to wear them.
Life is not always a smooth ride on a boat. But if you are near one,
Take the time to go sailing.
Life is not always sweet melodies of songs. But if you know some,
Take the time to sing them.
Life may not always be a great adventure novel. But if you have one,
Take the time to read it.
As an adult, I still love the sounds that clocks make.
Although Father Time seems to be in such a slow rush.
Peaceful to my spirit are the chimes of a Grandfather’s Clock. Assuring me, in the middle of the night, at that very moment…I have time!

“Tick-tock.” “Tick-tock.”
When I hear this sound…I know that I am taking time.
Time to mediate…to the sounds of the greatest clock of all,
The clock of life…the one for which we can never rewind.

“Beautiful masterpieces…and a constant tune to the times of our lives!”

Excerpt From: Mary J Nunn. “Beautiful Words.” iBooks. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/beautiful-words/id520842589?mt=11

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data on file. All rights reserved. ISBN 978-1-105-66805-0

Happy 2019 with the best of wishes to all🔔!

As we ring in 2019 everyone is thinking of, and looking forward to, all things promising and possible. And for me, it is continuing to share my “Beautiful Words” through books and blogging poems of encouragement and inspiration!

“A Woman’s Heart”, has arrived!!❣️

It’s Here. It’s Beautiful. It’s for You🌹


Now, let me share with you other writings I am planning to publish in 2019. From the “Beautiful Words Volume 1” collection of poems–“Southern Beauties”, “Sisters”, “Wishes”together in one beautifully illustrated book coming for Mother’s Day! And, to be released in December, the complete chapter of “The Beauty of Belief”, in one book also with the poems–“Angels”, “Heaven”, “Prayer”, “The Creator”, “Thereafter”. These writings were written from my heart and for the audience, I always believed was yet to come; you!

Book-marker included with book.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours. Please enjoy this poem, “Family Gatherings”❣️

It is a fast-paced world in which we live!
So every now and then, there is a need for a family gathering.
A gathering for no other reason than to share the love,
And to fellowship our lives together as one extended family.

My heart begins to respond before I arrive!
I am looking forward to the joy my soul shall feel.
I am looking forward to the hugs my body shall feel.
I am looking forward to the kisses my face shall feel.

In our family, Thanksgiving is the ultimate family gathering!
Familiar voices of kindred…filled with bountiful talk and laughter.
Many favorite cooked dishes to delight the pallet. Delicious!!
It is a lively and warm event of life’s few precious moments.

As elders see the growth of the young…many stories are shared.
Memories…flowing back like flowers carried gently by the winds of time.
Memories of loved ones not present. Sweet beautiful spoken memories.
Lovely words…whose sound is like that of a tranquil wind chime!

Too soon parting must come. Is there ever enough…time? I shall say not!
Because every family gathering begins with loving salutations.
And ends with the wondrous anticipation of “next time”, 
Leaving a beautiful smile on every heart!

Yes, this is a fast-paced world in which we live.
Every now and then, a family gathering slows the spin!
for our loving family

Copyright © 2010 Mary J Nunn ISBN 978-1-105-66805-0
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data on File.
All rights reserved. Registration Number TXu-1-699-129.

The writing of “Beautiful ​Words”

“Beautiful Words Volumes 1 and 2” is a collection of free verse eclectic poetry. All of the writings in these collections was written years ago, as early as 2006 and as late as 2013.  It began when good friends Danny and Aline Massey gave me an old computer. A really old computer!  lol (Thank you, Danny and Aline.😘) But I had recently moved to a new town and had nothing special to do after looking for work all day. The computer, however, was a laptop and the only thing that could be done on it was typing. No pictures. No Color. Just a blinking horizontal line on a dark backdrop. So I immediately started to type the words that I was hearing in my head. It was the most natural thing for me. I didn’t even need to think about it! Before long I had written my first piece, “Eyes”.

As I spilled my words onto the computer, I could feel something happening in my soul. Calmness. Contentment. Joy. Peace, like I never experienced before. For a person who had suffered her whole life, fighting anxiety and depression, I was completely relieved…and still. This was a place I had never witness before in my life.  And I instantly knew I never wanted to be rescued from this feeling. After years of being a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, and friend, in that very moment, I had also become, an author!


“A Woman’s Heart”❤️

Coming in early 2019, just in time for Valentine, an illustrated paperback booklet from my “Beautiful Words Volume 1” collection, entitled “A Woman’s Heart.” This will be the first paperback book you will be able to purchase, with others to follow! All of the books will be illustrated by my very talented publisher and friend, Miriam Douglas. Please stay tuned to find out how you can purchase your book from this website ❣️

A beautiful gift from my son🌹

Long before I ever found my writing fingers, I loved to read! English Literature was my absolute passion. To my wonderful delight, both of my children inherited my love of reading! I could not have been more pleased. My son picked up this sweet poetry book, for my birthday, in a quaint little bookstore. My new golden treasure book and close bedtime reading fix before drifting off to sleep! Thank you, son.🌻

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Fall!

Beautiful October has arrived!
The beginning… to the end…of another year
Nature at its most colorful event fashioning earth’s deepest tones!
All things made a joyous yellow…a deep golden.
Beautiful October! Can you hear the trees rejoicing?
They are singing a special melody for this season.
Rivers, and brooks and streams…they all know that October has arrived!
Flowers sway…dancing in the cool breeze alone their banks.
The birds are singing once again…as if it is a new day in spring.
Hot summer days now retreat until their next season.
Yes, beautiful October is here…putting a smile on the face of the sun by day
And leaving clear moonlit starry skies by night!!   Continue reading “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Fall!”


Please enjoy this free verse poem from my “Beautiful Words Volume 1” collection. It is in Chapter 1: The Beauty of Celebration.

Beautiful Words

 I am in love with beautiful words!! 

Words that linger in the air… on the lips…and the written pages of a book 

Beautiful whispering words…that tickle the ear…with love and sincerity  

Spoken only to delight my thirsty soul with smiles of joy!

Speak…and sign beautiful words often…one to another

 In each and every tongue known of the human race

Let them be saved in the secret places of thine heart…where their reminiscent

Sounds remain crisp clear…like the toning of cathedral church bells.  

Praise the quintessential beauty of words…letting them heal the spirit 

Comfort the sick. Teach the young. Reinstate confidence.

Let beautiful words tell us what God wishes us to know.

More so…how he continues to love us throughout all ages.

Share your beautiful words with others…just for the promise of pleasure

Pray, all out loud! Sing, all out loud! Write, all out loud!

Forever believe in the strength and power of beautiful words.

Believe that they can…and they will…last for many lifetimes to come!!

Copyright © 2010 Mary J Nunn    ISBN 978-1-105-66805-0   Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data on file.  All rights reserved.  Registration Number TXu 1-699-129.