Happy Holidays from my family to yours. Please enjoy this poem, “Family Gatherings”❣️

It is a fast-paced world in which we live!
So every now and then, there is a need for a family gathering.
A gathering for no other reason than to share the love,
And to fellowship our lives together as one extended family.

My heart begins to respond before I arrive!
I am looking forward to the joy my soul shall feel.
I am looking forward to the hugs my body shall feel.
I am looking forward to the kisses my face shall feel.

In our family, Thanksgiving is the ultimate family gathering!
Familiar voices of kindred…filled with bountiful talk and laughter.
Many favorite cooked dishes to delight the pallet. Delicious!!
It is a lively and warm event of life’s few precious moments.

As elders see the growth of the young…many stories are shared.
Memories…flowing back like flowers carried gently by the winds of time.
Memories of loved ones not present. Sweet beautiful spoken memories.
Lovely words…whose sound is like that of a tranquil wind chime!

Too soon parting must come. Is there ever enough…time? I shall say not!
Because every family gathering begins with loving salutations.
And ends with the wondrous anticipation of “next time”, 
Leaving a beautiful smile on every heart!

Yes, this is a fast-paced world in which we live.
Every now and then, a family gathering slows the spin!
for our loving family

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