A beautiful gift from my son🌹

Long before I ever found my writing fingers, I loved to read! English Literature was my absolute passion. To my wonderful delight, both of my children inherited my love of reading! I could not have been more pleased. My son picked up this sweet poetry book, for my birthday, in a quaint little bookstore. My new golden treasure book and close bedtime reading fix before drifting off to sleep! Thank you, son.🌻

2 thoughts on “A beautiful gift from my son🌹

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sue. You are a very beloved friend of mine! “A Woman’s Heart” will go on sale soon. It will sell for $10.00. Let me know if your co-workers will want a book as well. I will put a picture of the front of the book on my website. Love you Sue with all my heart!!

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